Mechanical Summit: Pre-Recorded Content and Daily Themes

30-Minute Presentations Available On-demand

Day 1

Design Principles/Best Practices

Day 2

Gap Solutions/Tools

Day 3

Products/Systems Designs

Day 4

Earth day, Call to action: Zero Energy and Carbon/ Electrification

Ryan Abendroth

Balanced ventilation design principles for low load homes and buildings – product choices by climate, sizing, distribution, install

Graham Wright

Proper load calculations, heating, cooling sensible and latent – what we have and what we need

Josh Edmonds

Getting Passive House Mechanicals Right: Lessons learned from a builder/installer

Lisa White

Passive Buildings as Baseline for the New Grid

Benjamin Knopp

Heat Pump Design Principles for Low Load Buildings

Marc Rosenbaum
Brice Delhougne

Controls – Threat or Menace?

John Rockwell

Products designed as a system: Ventilation system package, choice by climate, plug and play duct system and distribution, integrated pre, post heaters etc.

Jim Baldwin

Domatic – Intelligent Power

Al Mitchell

Ventilation Integrated space conditioning for low load homes and buildings – load sizing, distribution, balancing and system components


IAQ – filtration, range hoods, ventilation in the kitchen 

Alex De Gagné

Integrated ventilation/space conditioning/control solution


John Sarter

Nano and microgrid basics, electric cars and batteries, actual performance and economic feasibility

Gary Klein

Why Your Shower Feels Wimpy:
And What You Can Do About It!

Katy Hollbacher

Seven Steps for Effective Project Management

Ty Newell

CERV2 Smart Ventilation

Lois Vitt Sale

Mechanical Dissonance in the Chase for Net Zero Energy

Lindsey Elton

Install best practices & impact on performance 

James Ortega

Assuring actual performance: Certification & Quality Assurance during the design process – Measured vs. modeled performance and how we can get even better results (SF & MF)

Galen Staengl

New PH mechanical systems and approaches for multi-family, Realize pods

Allison Bailes

Proper airflow distribution calculations and duct sizing

JS Rancourt

Low carbon HVAC: Centralized vs. Decentralized

Nikki Krueger

Dehumidification Basics

Kimberly Llewellyn

US Market Conundrum

Nick Agopian