Join Us for the First Ever Phius Developer’s Summit!

Jeremy Rifkin to Deliver Opening Remarks

Bestselling Author Jeremy Rifkin

Bestselling Author Jeremy Rifkin

We are thrilled to announce that special guest Jeremy Rifkin, an economist, climate visionary, and bestselling author, will be kicking off the Developer’s Summit with opening remarks on April 26.

Jeremy Rifkin is the bestselling author of 22 books including The Third Industrial Revolution, The Zero Marginal Cost Society, and The Green New Deal. His books have been translated into more than 35 languages. Rifkin is a principal architect of the European Union’s and the People’s Republic of China’s economic plans to transition into a Third Industrial Revolution zero-emission economy and society to address climate change. Rifkin is also an advisor to US Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer on the government’s Build Back Better infrastructure plan.

Our Mission

Phius was founded to create a carbon-neutral, healthy, safe, and just future for everyone by making passive the zero-carbon building standard. Our vision is a world where every building supports the health of people and planet.

To that end, Phius has developed a design and certification process for passive and passive zero buildings that uses 40-60+ percent less energy than conventional buildings before adding active solar and provides superior indoor air quality, resilience and habitability during power outages, and an extremely quiet, comfortable indoor environment.

How We Get There

425 Grand Concourse in the Bronx, New York. The largest Phius certified project.

425 Grand Concourse in the Bronx, New York. The largest Phius certified project.

Developers are turning more and more to the Phius Certification Process to achieve superior performance and non-energy benefits such as a healthy and luxurious feel of spaces as well as quality of construction at low additional cost. The objective of the virtual Developer’s Summit 2022 (April 26-28) is to harness this wave of initial mutual attraction and curiosity we feel emerging in the market – a sense of opportunity that was not here before.

  • The Summit will demonstrate why passive makes sense for not just homeowners and architects, but developers – for all building types. 
  • It will review potential roadblocks, and how developers overcame them
  • There will be recommendations and brainstorming on how to go Phius, how to change practices in a sustainable way to embrace and profit from the benefits of the buildings of the future.

Large-scale proof of concept competitions in Massachusetts and New York State have shown that Phius projects are now consistently being built for 1-4% incremental cost before other incentives. The business case has been made!

The Developer’s Summit will take place over three days, each with its own focus.

Day One (April 26) – Single-Family

Day one will highlight successful single-family, townhome and smaller scale Phius developments. Discussion will include: how to reduce soft costs (the new Phius prescriptive path) and to streamline quality assurance, how to tap into prefab methodologies to further reduce upfront cost and tap into additional efficiencies. The pre-certified component factory model will be discussed.

Day Two (April 27) – Multifamily

Day two will focus on larger scale urban developments, affordable as well as market rate. The panel is composed of experienced practitioners who have each led in their respective cities by establishing a business model for Phius buildings and will report on their journey and share their lessons learned and advice to newcomers.

Day Three (April 28) – Financing

Day three is where the rubber meets the road: what financing options are available, what new products and ideas are emerging in the financial sector to appropriately value Phius buildings and brainstorming how we get more institutions to trust the data that we have accumulated thus far?

Our hope is that many feel the momentum in the air and are ready to seize the opportunity. We are looking forward to lively discussion, questions and comments from our audience following the short presentations by each of the distinguished panelists. There is a star-studded lineup of speakers who will share their experience and knowledge all three nights.


Registration Fee (Non-Member):

  • One Day: $75 (each)
  • Full Conference Package: $200

Registration Fee (Phius Alliance Member):

  • One Day: $56.25 (each)
  • Full Conference Package: $150