Mechanicals and Passive Buildings

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The passive building community has established best practices when it comes to the envelope.

Mechanical systems? Not so much. Low-load buildings present special challenges to practitioners and equipment manufacturers. The Summit will bring them together to advance the conversation about solutions.

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Each day of the Summit will be devoted to a key issue in to explore components and practices that can create a solid mechanical systems across different climates.

Registration provides access to pre-recorded content centered around each day’s theme, plus a live panel discussion on the day’s topic.

Pre-recorded Content (full schedule)IMG_5802

PHIUS will post pre-recorded presentations from mechanical experts and manufacturers keyed to each day’s theme:

Monday, 4/19: Design Principles / Best Practices
Balanced ventilation design principles for low load homes and buildings, ventilation-independent space conditioning, ventilation-Integrated space conditioning for low load homes and buildings , DHW distribution efficiency basics 

Tuesday, 4/20: Gap Solutions / Tools
Controls as optimization solution, IAQ – filtration, range hoods, ventilation in the kitchen, steps to assure effective project management, assuring actual performance: Certification & Quality Assurance during the design process – Measured vs. modeled performance and how we can get even better results 

Wednesday, 4/21: Products / Systems Designs
Integrated ventilation/space conditioning/control solution, CERV ventilation, new passive building mechanical systems and approaches, Realize pods, low carbon HVAC: centralized vs. decentralized, dehumidification basics

Thursday, 4/22: Earth Day: Zero Energy and Carbon / Electrification
The low load building at the core of the new renewable grid, hybrid wiring for AC/DC and delivering information and electricity through low voltage, electrification: the other side of the meter and how that changes the economics 

Live Daily Panels (full schedule)

From 4 – 6 pm CT each evening of the summit, presenters will summarize the pre-recorded content, and then engage in conversation and QA on the topic of the day. Each day’s live panel will count for 2 CEUs.

Register for the entire event or a la carte:

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Registration Fee (Non-Member):

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Full Conference Package: $200

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